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General Sales Terms and Conditions

These General Sales Terms and Conditions shall apply between,
on one hand,
the SARL E-CIRCUTIS, head office located
SARL E-circuits
64B, av. Dauphiné Provence
26540 Mours Saint Eusèbe
registered at the “registre du commerce et des sociétés de la Drôme, France”, SIRET number 819 965 187, hereafter "E-circuits",
and on the other hand,
any natural or legal person desiring to proceed to purchase on E-circuits internet website
(www.e-circuits.fr, www.e-circuits.eu, www.e-circuits.net), hereafter "the Buyer".
General :
These General Sales Terms and Conditions aim at defining the contractual relations between E-circuits and the Buyer and all the conditions applicable to any purchase made on the E-circuit commercial website, the Buyer being professional or consumer.
Any acquisition of goods or services made via the present website include a full and unreservedly acceptance by the Buyer of present Sales Terms and Conditions.
These General Sales Terms and Conditions shall prevail over any other general or specific Terms and Conditions not expressly approved by E-circuits.
E-circuits reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. In this case, the applicable Terms and Conditions are the one in force at the purchase date.
Goods and Services:
The products proposed by E-circuits are areas of printed circuit board for custom circuit realisation.
Each product has a technical description established by the PCB manufacturer and E-circuits.
The pictures in the catalog are not compliant with the final product.
E-circuits reserves the right to modify the technologies, the dimensions, the finishes and all other characteristics of the product and to change manufacturer at any time without notice. In this case, the applicable conditions are the one in force at the purchase date.
Prices :
The prices on the website catalog are excl. VAT and quoted in Euros, applicable at the day of the order.
E-circuits reserves the right to modify the prices at any time without notice. The applicable price is the one in force at the moment of the order.
The prices mentioned include treatment fees. Handling and shipping fees have to be paid in a supplement, provided the delivery takes place in the geographical area below.

Geographical area:
The online sell of products and services presented in the E-circuits website is accessible only for Buyers living in metropolitan France, in overseas French departments and territories, in Monaco or in the European Union countries, and for a delivery in these geographical areas.
Orders :
The Buyer who would like to buy products and services shall own a client account on the E-circuits website. Registering is entirely free.
The orders shall be performed on line on the E-circuits e-commerce website. Each time a product is added to the cart, "Gerber" files, which are necessary for circuit manufacturing, have to be provided.
The order shall then be validated and the payment made in accordance with the defined conditions.
The payment induces the order confirmation, the acknowledgment to be aware of these Sales Terms and Conditions, their total acceptance and the renunciation for the Buyer to invoke its own or any other terms and conditions.
The provided data and the order confirmation shall be considered as a transaction proof. The confirmation of the order constitutes signature and acceptance of all operations.
The Buyer will receive by Mail :
-       An order confirmation
-       A payment confirmation
-       A confirmation of the validity of the provided files necessary for PCB manufacturing
The order is completely validated only after reception of these 3 documents.
Gerber Files :
For each product added to shopping cart, "Gerber" files, necessary for circuits manufacturing have to be provided.
The mandatory files are:
            Top Layer Gerber File
            Bottom Layer Gerber File
            Top Soldermask Gerber File
            Bottom Soldermask Gerber File
            Top Silkscreen Gerber File
            Bottom Silkscreen Gerber File
            Board Outline Gerber File
            Internal layer 1 Gerber File (4 layers PCB only)
            Internal layer 2 Gerber File (4 layers PCB only)
            NC Drills Excellon File
The files extension as well as the above technological association shall be respected. In the opposite case, E-circuits may not be responsible.
The circuit conception shall respect the design rules defined on the E-circuits website.
A Design Rules Check will be performed by E-circuits for information purpose only. This verification shall not be considered in any case as a proof of functionality nor manufacturability.
E-circuits reserves the right to postpone or cancel an order in case of non-validity of the Gerber files or violation of the Design Rules.
E-circuits may not be responsible for any order delay or cancelling by the manufacturer in case of design rules violation or Gerber files non-compliance, even if validated by E-circuits.
The final validation of the Gerber files determines the first day of production: the same day if validated before 9 am (Paris - UTC+1), the next working day otherwise.

Right of withdrawal :
As soon as the order is passed, the Buyer has a legal right to rescind and cancel it.
The Buyer shall inform E-circuits of his will to exercise his right of withdrawal one day before the date at which the circuit plans are send to be manufactured. Beyond this date, no right of withdrawal can be claimed.
This date will be clearly mentioned in the confirmation mail of the order.
To exercise his right of withdrawal, the Buyer shall fill out our standard withdrawal form, provided by E-circuits in the confirmation mail of the order or send an explicit letter to :
SARL E-circuits
64B, av. Dauphiné Provence
26540 Mours Saint Eusèbe
If applied correctly in accordance with this Terms and Conditions, the withdrawal shall lead to reimbursement of the full price paid by the Buyer. Thus, E-circuits undertakes to reimburse the Buyer within 14 days after receiving the withdrawal form. Beyond this period, legal interest rate will be applied.
The method of reimbursement shall be identical to the one used by the Buyer for the initial order.
Payment Terms:
Price is due at the order date.
Payment shall be made during the order checkout by credit card. E-circuits uses the SystemPay payment system (Caisse Epargne) which is secured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol in order to guaranty that all the transferred information are encrypted and that no third party access them during network transfer.
The Buyer bank account will be debited at the manufacturing launch date and only with an amount of the products sent to manufacturing.
On request, a paper invoice can be sent to the Buyer.
For professionnal clients, a 30 days Payment Request can be send to E-circuits using the online form.
In case of acceptation by E-circuits services, the payment will have to be performed by bank transfer within 30 calendar days following the order confirmation according to the 30 days Terms and Conditions.
In accordance with the enactments of French Code du Commerce art. L441-5 and -6, late payment penalties, calculated on the nasis of the legal interest rate, and a fixed fee (40 €) are payable the day after the due date of the invoice. The 40€ fee does not apply to individual customers.

Delivery :
Deliveries will be made to the address specified during the checkout process, which shall only be in the geographical area specified upper.
The Buyer is responsible for all risks from the moment the products have left E-circuits offices. In case of damage during shipping, a justified protest shall be sent to the carrier within three days delivery.
The delivery lead times are given as indication only. If it exceeds 30 days after the order date, the sale contract shall be terminated and the Buyer refunded.
Guarantee :
All the products sold by E-circuits benefit from a legal guarantee prescribed in the article n°1641 and following of the French Civil Code.
In case of non-conformity of a product, it shall be returned to E-circuits for exchange or refund.
All complaints, exchange or refund request shall be made by post at the following address within 30 days after delivery.
SARL E-circuits
64B, av. Dauphiné Provence
26540 Mours Saint Eusèbe
Responsibility :
E-circuits, in the e-commerce process, is only bound by an obligation of means. Its responsibility could not be committed for a damage resulting from the use of Internet network for example, data loss, intrusion, viruses, or any unintentional problems.
Furthermore, E-circuits may not be responsible for any non-functionality of the circuits in case of conception mistakes, of design rules violation or Gerber files non-compliance.
Intellectual property :
All elements of the E-circuits website are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of E-circuits.
No one shall be allowed to reproduce, use, or rebroadcast for any purpose whatsoever, even partially, the elements of the hereby website whether they are software, visual or acoustic elements.
Any single link or hyperlink is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of E-circuits.
Personal data :
In accordance with the enactments of Law #78-17 of January 6th 1978, personal data related to the Buyer may be subject to an automated process.
E-circuits allows itself to collect information regarding Buyers, including by using cookies, and to transfer it to commercial partners.
Buyers may veto the disclosure of their personal data by notifying E-circuits. Buyers have the right to access and correct their personal data by contacting E-circuits in accordance with the Law of January 6th 1978.
The automated data process, including the management of the user email addresses has been registered under number 1778195, the 01/07/2014 with the French Board which enforces Law of data protection (CNIL).
Archiving – Proof :
E-circuits archives purchase orders and invoices on a reliable and durable media which constitutes a reliable copy under the provisions of Article 1348 of the French Civil Code.
E-circuits computerized records are considered by both parties as proof for communication, order, payment and transaction between both of them.
Litigation settlement :
These Terms & Conditions are governed by French Law. In case of litigation, the only competent jurisdiction is Valence (26) Tribunal de Commerce (Commercial Court).